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The price of a translation is calculated based on the length, meaning the number of words or lines (a standard line contains 55 characters, including spaces; a standard page contains 30 lines) in the source text or in the target text (i.e. the translated text). When determining the price, other aspects such as the complexity or the specific subject, deadline for delivery, and format are also taken into account. The word or line count is normally based on the
source text.

  • From 0.13 € per word
  • From 0.95 € per line

  • The minimum fee for a translation assignment is 35 €.
  • A fee of 10 € per document applies to the certification of English-Spanish translations (certification, signature, and stamp).

Proofreading and reviewing
The price of proofreading and reviewing assignments is calculated on an hourly basis.

  • 40 € per hour


The price of interpreting assignments is calculated on an hourly basis. Since the interpreter normally has to be present at the place where the interpreting assignment is performed, traveling costs may apply.

  • 60 € per hour plus traveling costs

Language training

  • From 25 € per hour plus traveling costs

Please note that the fees shown are only guidelines. Contact me for a free estimate. Your data will be handled with the utmost confidentiality. The indicated fees do not include 19% VAT applicable to customers - business and private customers - paying taxes in Germany and private customers from other EU countries.

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